Friday, March 2, 2012

EMMDEV Break in EmmDevs

Dear Emm-Dev readers
My apologies for the gap in Emm-Devs - I've picked up a nasty upper-respiratory  tract infection that has pretty much knocked me for a loop. I was hoping to finish the series on Revelation by today as I am going on some long leave for March. (I've included something on that below for those who might be interested.)

I will be back just before Easter to finish the Revelation series.

I'm sorry to leave you hanging in the air on the Revelation Series, but the last sections of John's Pastoral Poetry will be worth the wait!

God bless!

The Presbyterian Church has a scheme of Long Leave that is designed to give ministers some extended time off to "sharpen the saw." Bearing in mind that ministers often work long hours and are called out at night and on weekends, this time is meant to provide rest, recuperation and time to read, study and reflect. I have accumulated enough time to take long leave (which is over and above annual leave and comes around about every 4 or 5 years.)

Because of the way the school holidays fall this year, and other commitments we already have, Brenda and I have determined that the March will be the best time for this although Caleb will be at school. So, this long leave, we will be going to Rumania (RemainHere), Bucharest(Book-a-rest) and Rome (Roam around the garden). The one thing that I will be doing next week is heading down to CapeTown on a road-and-camping-trip with my good friend George to ride the Argus (both the camping trip and Argus have been on my bucket list for a very very long time!) After that I will be home and trying to do some way-overdue DIY stuff, some reading and some reflecting and generally trying to stay out of circulation and trouble! (Which might be easier said than done )

I have arranged for Craig and a number of guest preachers to take care of services in March and I am confident that you will receive some wonderful insights and blessings from those who officiate and have a break from my voice! If there are pastoral needs, please do not hesitate to make contact with your elder or contact Craig or Susan at the office.

Please pray for Brenda and myself as we try to unplug and reflect. Please pray that we spend quality time with Caleb outside of school times and that we return renewed and refreshed. We've had the awesome privilege of serving God at Emmanuel since May 1997 and hope to spend this time hearing from God for the years ahead in our journey together.