Wednesday, July 31, 2013

EMMDEV 2013-07-31 [In the beginning...] Ex Nihilo

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis1:1

The Hebrew word that is used for "created" is "bara". The scholars tell us that this implies creation out of nothing. When we take clay and make a pot we are transforming more than creating.

It is significant that God created "Ex Nihilo" (out of nothing). It makes it clear that EVERYTHING comes from Him. Some would go as far as saying that if God was all there was, then He made space in Himself to create.

This speaks of God's greatness and uniqueness.

The story is told that some scientists found a way to create life.
They triumphantly called a meeting with God and said:
"Well God, we're now able to create life - we don't need you anymore"
God answered: "Oh really? Show me..."
So the scientists got their test tubes and particle accelerators ready and said "OK so we start with some dirt and we put it into..."
And God interrupted and said: "Uh uh - you make your own dirt...!"

At first there was nothing but God, and then He created - out of nothing.

What a great and awesome God!

Theo Groeneveld
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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

EMMDEV 2013-07-30 [In the beginning...] Who's your daddy?

After a longer than usual gap we start our daily devs again. I apologise for the slow start, there has been a lot happening.
We're going to spend some time in Genesis examining the creation accounts. I hope it will be a blessing!
In the beginning _GOD_ created the heavens and the earth. Genesis1:1

It's very tempting to look at Genesis 1 with the evolution vs creation debate in our minds, but we need to understand the basic thrust of Genesis 1.

The basic thrust of Gen 1 is to categorically state that the world was created by God in an orderly and deliberate way. Genesis 1 is about WHO more than HOW (Same letters, different order!)

At the time that Genesis 1 came into being, surrounding cultures had various thoughts about creation:
- The Egyptians worshipped the sun and cats, etc
- The Canaanites thought that creation could be manipulated through fertility rites and practices
- The Babylonians thought that creation was a result of a battle between the gods - in other words, creation was the end result of chaos.

In contrast Genesis is clear:

1. Creation is what it is: created.
So worship the creatOR and not creatION

2. Creation is orderly and systematic - We are not here by accident. God worked with a plan.

3. God created sovereignly and powerfully - creation is His and in His hands and we cannot try to take his place by trying to control what is not in our hands.

Here's our take home for today: Before we struggle over HOW the world was created, let's find great peace and comfort in the fact that we can know and love the One WHO created us!

Theo Groeneveld
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