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EmmDev 2016-04-19 [On the road to Emmaus] The Difference

The Difference

They got up and returned at once to Jerusalem.      (Luke24:33)
Jesus walked with the Emmaus Duo, He explained the Scriptures and their hearts were warmed. Then their eyes were opened as they encountered His presence through the meal they shared. They commented on the power of this experience.

Doesn't that sound a bit like going to church? (My tongue is in my cheek...)

  • We come to church, to some extent recognising that He has been walking with us all week (and sing songs celebrating this)
  • We hear the Scriptures explained and preached (and if it wasn't too long) we'll admit that our hearts were warmed, maybe even set on fire
  • We experience His love at the communion table.
  • We may even speak of it. "Lovely sermon Pastor. I hadn't thought of it that way before" or "Wasn't the singing great today?"
But then that's where it ends. (And we do it again next week.)

Let me take my tongue out of my cheek...
The Emmaus enlightened did more than have their eyes opened and their hearts touched. They acted. They got up, and returned at once to Jerusalem.
That's another 11km journey on foot back to Jerusalem and it was nearly evening. So there would have been some valid excuses to procrastinate:

  • They had already done 11km.
  • They would probably do a fair bit of this journey in the dark.
  • It might be dangerous for them.
  • Common sense would have suggested that they wait until morning
But there is no procrastination for them – there is a sense of joyful urgency.

A much loved colleague prefaces the Benediction by saying: "Our (combined) worship has ended, service begins..."

John Wesley's heart was "strangely warmed" in a Moravian Bible study – It lead to preaching and discipleship that transformed Christianity in Britain and America...

What will you do with your warmed-up heart?

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