Friday, July 19, 2019

EmmDev 2019-07-19 [A Life of Thanksgiving] You turned my wailing into dancing

You turned my wailing into dancing

Yesterday we reflected on the fact that God has rescued us. The Psalmist reflected on the times that God rescued people from trouble, but we also recognised the ultimate rescue that He performed through the Cross.

Today the Psalmist gives us another perspective:
Not only has God rescued us, but His love transforms us:
- Wailing becomes Dancing
- Sackcloth (mourning) becomes Joy
- Silence becomes Singing
And so we give thanks!

Not only does God forgive our sin and save us from death, but He also transforms our lives by filling us with His Spirit, giving us inexpressible joy, irrepressible hope and unconquerable love.

Paul puts it like this: If anyone is in Christ, they are a new Creation. (2Cor5:17)

Sadly, we can resist this transformation, and one of the best ways to resist this transformation is to lack gratitude - to fail to be thankful - to be empty of thanks.

The psalmist recognises the change that God has brought to his life and cements this transformation with the decision to give thanks.
Your levels of thank-full-ness will aid or hinder God's transforming work in you...

You turned my wailing into dancing;
you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy,
that my heart may sing to you and not be silent.
O LORD my God, I will give you thanks forever.      (Psalms30:11-12)

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